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Comprehensive Legal Counsel For Clients Throughout The Fargo Area

Hill Law Office is a full-service law firm located in downtown Fargo. We handle a wide variety of matters related to contract law, real estate, construction liability, wills and probate, and civil litigation.

To discuss your goals and concerns with an experienced attorney, please call us at 701-293-7612 or complete our contact form. We offer free initial consultations and serve clients throughout North Dakota.

Our Services

In addition to representation in matters of family law and personal bankruptcy, we offer outstanding legal services in the following areas:

  • Real estate, including deed preparation, residential real estate transactions and commercial real estate transactions
  • Wills and probate, including the drafting of wills, resolution of will contests, guidance through probate, and probate litigation
  • Construction liability, including collections and resolving disputes between owners and contractors
  • Contract law, including the drafting and review of contracts, as well as resolution of breach of contract disputes involving vendors and contractors

Nearly any type of disagreement can lead to civil litigation. At Hill Law Office, we can help you resolve the problem in or out of court. Whether you are seeking damages or simply want the other party to uphold their end of the agreement, we can advise you on the most effective course of action.

For more on the high level of service we offer, please see our client testimonials.

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To arrange a free consultation, please call us in downtown Fargo at 701-293-7612 or contact us by email.