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Understand How Filing For Bankruptcy Can Help

If you have debt problems, you are probably not looking forward to filing for bankruptcy. But the fact is that bankruptcy law exists to provide relief from overwhelming debts — and to help you resolve your debt problems so you can make a fresh start.

Before filing for bankruptcy, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney about your full range of options.

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Get A Fresh Start Through Chapter 7

For many people, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an ideal way to resolve debts. With Chapter 7, debts are discharged; an automatic stay is placed on creditor actions; you are allowed to keep any future acquisitions of property; and you don’t have to adhere to a repayment plan. Essentially, you can reset your financial life with your debts discharged.

Start A Reasonable Payment Plan Through Chapter 13

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option if you do not qualify for Chapter 7. With Chapter 13, your debts are reorganized into a workable payment plan that lasts between three and five years.

To learn more about which bankruptcy option is right for you, please see our overview of the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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